[R-SIG-Mac]R up to date on fink?

Don MacQueen macq@llnl.gov
Sun, 10 Mar 2002 12:57:13 -0800

I've seen a mention of R 1.4.1 being available from fink, but when I 
do "fink list" I get this:

  i  r-base          1.4.0-3     Environment for statistical computing and g...
  i  r-recommended   1.4.0-2     Recommended add-on packages for R ('GNU S').

This is as of today, 10 March 2002, having run fink self-update yesterday.

In other words: I don't know of anything I'm doing wrong with regard 
to using fink; at least one recent post to R-sig-mac has indicated 
that 1.4.1 is present on fink; yet I don't see it.

Any suggestions?