[R-SIG-Mac]Re: Build R on Mac Os X as a shared library

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw@stat.ucla.edu
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 08:29:45 -0700


Darwin is Unix. What you have to do is work from the command line (in theTerminal
application). You first download the the Apple Developer tools (compilers and so
on) from www.apple.com/developer. Then you download R using, for instance,

rsync -rvC rsync.r-project.org::r-devel foo/foo

where foo/foo is the directory where you want it. Then use

configure --with-tcl-config=/sw/lib/tclConfig.sh --with-tk-config=/sw/lib/tkConfig.sh  --enable-R-shlib

This only works if you have installed g77, tcltk, dlcompat from fink.sourceforge.net.
Alternatively, you can install fink first (see the instructions on the site), and then
simply say "fink install r-base". This will download all that is needed, compile,
and install R-1.5.0 (but without shared library support, I think).

Instead of these painful processes, you can also download a version of R with
support for tcl/tk and gnome from ftp://gifi.stat.ucla.edu/pub/R-1.5.0. This also has
support for atlas, and it has libR.dylib (the shared library). It comes with over
200 precompiled packages.

But it does not have SJava yet, because Duncan is still working on that port. It
does have RPython and RSPerl.

--- Jan

On Tuesday, Jun 4, 2002, at 02:26 America/Los_Angeles, Laetitia Marisa wrote:

> Hello Jan de Leeuw,
> I would like to use R in java programs with the omegahat librairy. Therefore it is necessary to install R as a shared library. Under unix, it just need to add to the ./compile command --enable-R-shlib.
> So, I'd like to know if it is possible to do that under Darwin and how.
> Thanks a lot.
> Best regards.
> Laetitia
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