[R-SIG-Mac]Darwin R with Aqua GUI and Quartz device

Stefano Iacus jago@mclink.it
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 12:19:11 +0200

Hello all,

I have set up a minimal version of a GUI for the Darwin version of R.

It is far from being any close to a solid and complete version. It is 
only intended for Darwin R developers.

As this is a R-devel version of R 1.6.0 it includes the Quartz device 
for graphics and a brand new Workspace browser (it will be soon named 
Environment Browser)

You will find a tar+gz file at the following address

and it is about 7M

it corresponds to the base version of R.

To set up things do:

* move the RAqua.tgz archive where you want to install it
* open a terminal window and move to the dir where the RAqua.tgz is
* gunzip and untar the archive, you'll obtain an R.app directory
* to launch R type in the term window


R should launch and I/O is given on a new window.

try in the sequence the following R commands


don't move across the R Console window with the cursor or you'll get a 
segmentation fault error

only input R commands in the last line of the R Console
don't use arrow keys as well

do no close the R Console window with the mouse. To exit R just use


from the R Console.

To update the browser content just retype


Cut&paste is not yet implemented, as well as edit() etc. Menus are not 
Quartz device is not yet re-sizable.

Don't try to click on the R.app from the Finder, it won't work.

As you see this version is rather a primitive one (call it "JR" = 
Jurassik R), I finished it last night at 1 a.m.

Now I'm going to take a two weeks of vacation and in september I'll fix 
and implement a good setup of this GUI.

This week I'll arrange (with other R Cores' help) to commit changes to 
R-devel so anyone can try to build this version of R and look at the 

In the meanwhile, I'll be pleased if you can try it and send me any kind 
of comment.

Please use "RAqua" in the subject of your mail so that I can filter them 
easily when back home. Use jago@mclink.it as preferred e-mail.

Jose Hales-Garcia has also written a nice wrapper as interface to Darwin 
Hopefully we will integrate it with the implementation I wrote.

If it will not be for 1.6.0 it will surely be for 1.6.1 :)

have a good summer


p.s. if any of Jan's Darwin R build works for you, this will also work 
and you won't need any other dll.

p.s. II: for Carbon R users: the workspace browser is available for this 
version of R as well.