[R-SIG-Mac]compiling fortran code of contributed packages using absoft f77 and lnk

Andreas Papritz andreas.papritz@ito.umnw.ethz.ch
Mon, 28 May 2001 21:42:26 +0200

Thanks to the hints I got, I could easily solve the problem with 
Absoft's Fortran compiler f77.

The option -N15 tells the compiler to add trailing underscores to any 
function and subroutine names. The Fortran routines can then be 
called by R's .Fortran().

>I suspect that the absoft compiler do not user "underlines" in the 
>function names. R for MacOS actually add a "_" symbol to fortran 
>functions. This is because Mac f2c uses this convention.
>Can you please try to do this witht he absoft compiler ? I do not 
>own this compiler but it would be very important to understand what 
>is going on.

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