Stefano Iacus stefano.iacus@unimi.it
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 16:26:02 +0200

Agh, this is a very bad news :(

Can you try this several times ?

or just load the saved workspace and then quit ?


On Giovedý, giugno 28, 2001, at 03:27 , Andrew Beckerman wrote:

> This may be a novice question...
> Using 1.3.0 on 8.6 with 80mb ram, I have just run a session using MASS 
> library and lm().  Lots of update() and stepAIC() and dropterm().  The 
> model is failry large (selecting the best 3 way interaction model from 
> 6 factors and 1 covariate).
> At the end of the session, I save the workspace, and quit R.  I cannot 
> then restart R (or anything) becasue the memory seems to be tied up.  
> Only 5, 000 were avaible...
> Can anyone helop me on this... does R in 8.6 eat and not release 
> memory, requireing a finder reboot or a hard reboot?
> cheers
> andrew (sorry for the forced disclaimer)
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