[R-jobs] Bayesian Stats Job, MCMC Code Porting

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Wed Aug 23 03:30:47 CEST 2017

Hello R Programmers,
We have a large existing Perl codebase which is currently being
upgraded to use the new optimizing RPerl compiler (not related to the
R language).
Also in use by the same Perl codebase is some custom R code which
loads the "bayesm" library in order to execute Markov Chain Monte
Carlo (MCMC) calculations.
This job is to port (rewrite) all utilized components of bayesm from R
to RPerl, then replace all the custom bayesm-calling R code with RPerl
as well.  In the end, all R code will be replaced by functionally
equivalent RPerl code.
For this job, you must know R, Perl, Linux, and MCMC algorithms.
If you believe you are a good match for this position, please e-mail
me a brief summary of your qualifications and I will send you a link
to interview for the job online.
Thanks,~ Will
William Norman Braswell, Jr.
 CEO & President; Auto-Parallel Technologies, Inc.
 william.braswell using autoparallel.com
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