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Oceana Data & Fishery Analyst - Global Fishing Watch


The Oceana Data and Fishery Analyst position located in Washington, DC will be the lead Oceana data analyst for an exciting new web-based tool called Global Fishing Watch (GFW). GFW is designed to make information on global fishing patterns available to the public for free. This project allows the use of big data to aid in setting and enforcing fishery management policies designed to bring back fishery abundance. The tool will be launched in 2016 and then used to engage the public and support Oceana's advocacy to promote the development and enforcement of sustainable fishing policies. This work will involve interaction with programmers, analysts, academics/researchers, policy advocacy, and stakeholders including NGOs, fishers, government agencies and citizens around the world.

The Oceana Data and Fishery Analyst will be responsible for successful achievement of goals in agreed upon timelines. He/she will work with Oceana staff from all departments, GFW Founding Partners (SkyTruth & Google), 3rd party research and other GFW partners and users to ensure the success of GFW, as measured by its impact and use to make positive changes in fishing policy that will help to bring back abundance in the world's fisheries.

Strong analytical capabilities, database experience, creativity, collaboration and communications skills, and some experience in fisheries management are essential to the success of this position. The Analyst will report to the Project Director for Global Fishing Watch.       
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Essential Functions:
.	Mine GFW for new insights, applications, use cases and important or news-worthy "stories" that contribute to Oceana and GFW mission and goals, and provide the data analysis to fully develop and support them.
.	Work with Oceana domestic and international campaign, policy and science staff to use GFW in Oceana campaigns.
.	Provide the research and analysis for GFW published reports, which will be case studies that showcase the capabilities, use cases and impact of GFW.
.	Work with GFW partners and users to utilize GFW to inform their work for maximum impact.
.	Assist with outreach to attract new GFW partners and users (including workshops and marketing events).
.	Work seamlessly with analysts, programmers and others from GFW founding partners, Oceana, SkyTruth and Google, and 3rd party research partners to become fully immersed in the GFW platform data sets, analyses, capabilities and challenges.
.	Recommend potential new data sets, applications and features to be added to GFW.
.	Maintain a working knowledge of related science and policy practices.
.	Help establish Oceana leadership in the fields of maritime domain awareness and application of technology to marine policy.
.	Assist with management of GFW and new campaign development as needed.
.	Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets.
.	Interpret data, analyze results and provide ongoing reports.
.	Other responsibilities as appropriate and necessary to achieve GFW objectives.
.	Travel required.
Job Requirements
Education and work experience:
.	BS in Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Information Management or Statistics, or MS in Fisheries Management preferred.
.	Three (3) years of proven working experience as a data or fisheries analyst.
.	Two (2) years of experience working on marine fisheries issues.
.	Experience with databases (e.g., SQL, Google BigQuery) and reporting packages (e.g. Tableau).
.	Experience completing projects under tight deadlines and effectively managing a demanding work load, multi-tasking and taking on new projects.
.	GIS/mapping experience a plus (e.g., Google Earth, KML).
Skills and knowledge:
.	Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy.
.	Adept at queries, report writing and presenting findings.
.	Ability to work effectively in a team environment.   


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