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Mon Dec 14 18:37:58 CET 2015

The Research Statistics group collaborates across a wide variety of
activities in the early phases of drug discovery. This position is located
in Groton CT and has a focus on the optimization of chemical matter and
the development of assays to characterize these molecules

The successful candidate will:

 * Demonstrate leadership in influencing and improving drug discovery by
identifying, developing, and applying new quantitative methods.
 * Proactively seek collaborations with scientists and lab heads.
 * Collaborate with scientists to plan meaningful studies, statistically
analyze, and communicate / document the results.

 * M.S. or Ph.D. in Statistics, Biostatistics, or related field and 2+
years statistical consulting experience in drug discovery and development,
preferably in a laboratory science environment.
 * The ability to proactively seek collaborations with scientists and lab
 * Strong initiative, excellent interpersonal and communication (written
and verbal) skills
 * Understanding of inference and probability; competence in contemporary
linear modeling including mixed models, nonlinear regression; and
predictive modeling/machine learning.
 * Solid understanding of experimental design
 * An understanding of tools for the analysis of high dimensional data
 * Strong computational skills in R

 * Five or more years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
 * Sound understanding and experience of applying Bayesian methods
 * Formal training in, or thorough understanding of: human physiology,
cell biology, pharmacokinetics and/or pharmaceutical chemistry.
 * Strong computing skills in scripting languages, such as perl, python,
unix shell scripts or others. SQL and LaTeX skills are also advantageous.

The position is posted at http://pfizercareers.com/

 - Go to "Search jobs" on the green tab
 - Choose "SEARCH and APPLY for Jobs"
 - In the "Advanced Search" bar, search on Job Id 1024297

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