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Thu May 8 14:21:07 CEST 2014

Hi all,

We are preparing for a future batch, and we may be shorthanded for
teaching. R is our programming language of choice.
Data Science Retreat (DSR: http://datascienceretreat.com) sits at Microsoft
Ventures offices in Berlin Mitte. We have chief-data-scientist mentors and
a pretty exhaustive program on machine learning + data science. You can
check it out here: http://datascienceretreat.com/curriculum.html

If you think you could teach some of these topics and prepare extensive
hands-on materials, we'd love to hear from you. The big-data part is
covered, but mostly all the other topics we could definitely use your help
with. We have a particular teaching method that works with pairing mentors
and learners, called the Meerkat method:


If this sounds exciting to you, and you want to live in Berlin, please
apply by replying to this address.

- MS or PhD in Statistics, Math, Operations Research, Artificial
Intelligence, Physics, Computer Science, or another quantitative discipline
- Experience with statistical programming environments like R
- Demonstrable machine learning experience & knowledge of the major
techniques and methods
- Experience with scripting languages, regular expressions, etc.

Company information:
Data Science Retreat (DSR: http://datascienceretreat.com) helps coders or
people with significant quantitative training (e.g. science, engineering,
or math graduates) ramp-up rapidly for a career in data science - arguably
the fastest-growing, highest-demand profession. DSR is a 3-month, rigorous,
and full-time/intensive course in the startup-capital of Europe: Berlin.
Learn software engineering, data science, and business communication faster
and more deeply with mentors doing code reviews plus pair-programming - all
on real-world data and valuable problems. You will develop a portfolio
project, demonstrating you can own a business problem, solve it, and
communicate why your results are definitive.

You bring your training, tuition, and drive to master our curriculum
alongside our world-class mentors and partners. Towards the end we provide
a networking event with top-tier technology companies, where you will show
off your new skills and portfolio project, likely leaving with a
career-changing job.

Looking forward to hear from you,

- Jose
Jose Quesada, PhD,
Director, Data Science Retreat
@quesada <https://twitter.com/quesada>,

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