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Research Assistant/Staff Scientist: Technology in Environmental
Health (Silent Spring Institute; Boston, MA)

Silent Spring Institute is a non-profit scientific research group studying
the environment and health. We are a multi-disciplinary team and
international leader in research on everyday exposures to
hormone disruptors, tests for breast carcinogens, and environmental links
to breast cancer. We lead collaborative research teams that include
top computer scientists, statisticians, and other scientists at
Brown, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and elsewhere.  We seek a research assistant
or staff scientist with experience in computer science, data analysis,
or mathematics and an interest in applying these skills to
environmental health research.

The new researcher will work on projects that combine
technology, environmental health science, and social science. For
example, researchers nationally are struggling to develop meaningful ways to
report to study participants on the levels of emerging
contaminants detected in their own body or home. Our unique team of
environmental health scientists, social scientists, and human-computer
interaction experts is designing a digital interface that we expect will
become the standard for reporting results in biomonitoring and
exposure studies. We will first develop and test the interface for
reporting personal pesticide exposures to residents of Boston public

Responsibilities: This position requires versatility in support of
the Institute�s transdisciplinary research. It reports to the
executive director and affords a bird�s-eye-view of research in human
computer interaction, environmental health science, and community
engaged research.

Examples of activities:
*Help design an interactive digital reporting system for
personal environmental exposures.
*Conduct data management and statistical analyses using R.
*Help create computational systems to assess privacy risks in environmental
health data.
*Develop an Adroid app to tell shoppers about health-related chemicals in
cleaners and personal care products.
*Opportunities to author peer-reviewed articles.
*Support proposal preparation for federal and foundation grants.
*Help research team keep apprised of new technology, research news
and policy developments.
*Some travel. Some evening and weekend responsibilities at public events.

Requirements: We seek applicants with outstanding academic and technical
skills and commitment to advancing environmental public health. Applicants
with a bachelors or graduate-level degree will be
considered. Excellent academic record; computer science,
mathematics, biochemistry/biology, and social science coursework an
asset. Programming experience, especially in R or Java, and relevant
work experience preferred. Creativity, attention to accuracy, ability
to work independently within a multidisciplinary team. Commitment
to careful and impartial research in a context of partnership
between scientists and the public. For more information, visit our web site
at www.silentspring.org and www.silentspring.org/about-us/employment.

To apply: send cover letter describing your interests and
experience related to this job, resume, writing sample, and copy of
academic transcript (photocopy is fine) to Diane Czwakiel,
Administrative Manager, Silent Spring Institute, 29 Crafts Street, Newton,
MA 02458 or email careers using silentspring.org.

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