[R-jobs] Opening for a Research Statistician

Darin A. England eng|@nd @end|ng |rom c@@umn@edu
Wed Mar 16 15:26:29 CET 2011

Research Statistician

Job Summary / General Description
Savvysherpa, LLC collaborates with its partners to do behavioral
research, quantitative analysis, and product and process
innovation. We are looking for a statistician to join our team of
research scientists.

Primary functions and responsibilities
- Designing experiments and analyzing experimental and historical

Desired Skills/Attributes

Candidates for this position should:
- Experience in screening and factorial design
- Regression analysis
- Categorical data analysis 
- Non-parametric analysis 
- Discrete distributions is desired 
- Thoroughly understand all core statistical concepts 
- Excel at explaining these concepts to others

- M.S. or Ph.D. in statistics with 5+ years experience 
- Experience working as a scientific or statistical consultant,
  either as an internal or external resource preferred.
- Experience with a statistical package is required, preferably R or
  SAS, as well as a basic understanding of data architecture and

Please email us at careers using savvysherpa.com to apply.

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