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BioInformatics Scientist

Job Code: 10-TR25

Location: Cambridge, MA



We are seeking a highly motivated, independent bioinformatics scientist
to join a group of scientists, analysts and programmers to develop tools
and methodologies for large-scale gene expression data analysis.  The
group supports a variety of research projects in target and drug
discovery as well as biomarker development for AVEO's growing pipeline
of novel anti-cancer drugs, 


AVEO's Translational Research program utilizes a novel platform
combining proprietary, inducible tumor models and bioinformatics
approaches to discover, validate and generate therapeutics against
molecular targets in oncology.  We have generated large populations of
tumors that exhibit inter-tumor heterogeneity similar to that seen in
human tumor populations. Each tumor has been characterized by
microarray, array CGH, histology, key signaling pathways as well as
sensitivity to a variety of cancer therapeutics, including AVEO's
clinical stage drug candidates.  This well-characterized tumor
population model system enables the correlation of gene expression and
DNA copy number with drug efficacy, providing an attractive platform for
the creative innovative bioinformatics scientist to develop and test
translational hypotheses. Our goal is  to use the platform to inform
clinical trial design regarding tumor, tumor subtype and patient
selection for AVEO's own clinical stage oncology drug candidates.




The candidate will:

*	Participate in generating, processing and evaluating large
oncology-related datasets.  
*	Work on a variety of high-dimensional data projects largely
centered on biomarker discovery and develop biomarkers for response to
therapy and disease subtype classification
*	Execute a wide range of computational and analytical tasks,
including developing and implementing algorithms for target
identification and biomarker discovery. 
*	Integrate publicly or commercially available genomic data with
novel experimental data.
*	Identify and execute innovations (computational, statistical,
and strategic) that will quantifiably improve Projects
*	Identify new datasets and data mining techniques relevant to
cancer target and drug discovery
*	Develop and test novel methods and algorithms, working with
academic collaborators where opportunities arise


Qualifications & Requirements


*         PhD in Biology, Bioinformatics, or equivalent, as well as 2+
years of full time experience in an academic or biotechnology industry
lab, or equivalent experience.

*         Interest in, and working knowledge of cancer biology,

*         A solid understanding of statistics. Have experience with a
broad range of statistical methods for classification and prediction,
e.g., linear models, machine learning, and other multivariate analysis

*         Programming experience and ability to write R and Perl script.

*         The candidate will have experience with large-scale genomics
data and a solid understanding of bioinformatics data bases (eg:
GenBank, RefSeq, dbSNP etc)

*         Experience with some bioinformatics software such as:
Spotfire, Partek, Ingenuity, GeneGo, Balst, and Blat.

*         The candidate will have the ability and interest in learning
new techniques and skills in accordance with evolving research program

*         Candidates with a proven ability to work efficiently in a team
setting, and excellent communication skills are preferred.  


About AVEO


AVEO Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: AVEO) integrates a proprietary cancer
biology platform with drug development and commercial expertise in its
efforts to discover and develop targeted cancer therapeutics. The
company's lead product, Tivozanib, is an oral, triple VEGF receptor
inhibitor with potential for a best-in-class profile. Tivozanib is
currently being investigated in a global, randomized Phase 3 clinical
trial called TIVO-1
ex=1&md5=445a20da41b339efa84d364a08f882ec>  comparing Tivozanib to
Sorafenib in advanced kidney cancer, as well as additional clinical
studies in other solid tumor types. AVEO's proprietary, integrated
cancer biology platform offers the company a unique advantage in
oncology drug development that both increases the probability of
clinical success and provides a discovery engine for high-value targets.
This approach has resulted in a promising pipeline of monoclonal
antibodies against novel targets including HGF
chor=HGF&index=2&md5=9404636e3f438e9027e73b342ee12620> , ErbB3
chor=ErbB3&index=3&md5=35060f9ca14d89af3415b2d845d3203e> , RON, Notch
and FGFR
2C+Notch+and%C2%A0FGFR&index=4&md5=74318c2ed57a4dd5b74529c8f0289e7d> .
For more information, please visit the company's website at
www.aveopharma.com <http://www.aveopharma.com> .




Please forward resumes to hr using aveopharma.com
<mailto:hr using aveopharma.com?subject=Research%20Associate%20Drug%20Discover
y%20(DD1206M)> .



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