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The right candidate will work closely with neuroscientists seeking to
discover new medicines to treat Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar illness,
schizophrenia and autism.  He/she will be involved in the design and
analysis of preclinical experiments covering all aspects of drug
discovery from disease target identification through animal model
development and demonstration of proof of concept.  The
responsibilities of this position can evolve over time to include
support for early clinical trials work in these disease areas as well.
The ideal candidate will have a real interest in understanding the
basic biology of these diseases in order to provide effective
statistical consultation.  To this end, Pfizer offers company paid,
on-site opportunities for training in the biological sciences in
partnership with area universities.

The qualified candidate must have an M.S. or Ph.D. in Statistics or
Biostatistics, as well as a minimum of two years statistical
consulting experience in applying statistics to the understanding of
biological problems, preferably in a laboratory science environment.
Ideally, this experience would include exposure to the design and
analysis of “omics” data (e.g. gene expression, siRNA, etc.) .

Preferred candidates will have strong computational skills in R, S-plus or SAS.

In summary, we seek a person with a solid background in experimental
statistics and a genuine interest in working to develop medicines for
the treatment of neuro/psychiatric illnesses.

To Apply, go to


and choose "Find a Career at Pfizer" on the left and click on "Apply".
This position can be found by searching for Job ID 938701.

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