[R-jobs] Asst Marketing Research Analyst (part-time or internship; Chicago, USA)

Brian Koch bkoch @end|ng |rom dec|@|ondeve|opment@com
Wed Dec 16 16:33:07 CET 2009

Decision Development Inc is currently hiring part-time employees or
college interns to support our analytical division.  Applications for
the Assistant Marketing Research Analyst position will be given
immediate consideration.

Assistant Marketing Research Analysts work to structure, tabulate, and
clean the data generated during our marketing research interviews.  They
form the foundation of an analytical team that has earned an
industry-wide reputation for its modern, thorough data management and
insightful, actionable analysis of qualitative data.  This is an
entry-level position within the marketing research industry.

We rely heavily on innovative use of R for data management and
reporting.  This is a great opportunity to see how R is used to manage
qualitative data and how custom scripts and models are developed to meet
our business objectives;  however, R programming experience is not

Decision Development Inc is a marketing research and consulting firm
that has been in business for 15 years.  We serve the healthcare,
biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.  Our emphasis is custom
qualitative research.  Learn more about our company (and this job
posting) at http://www.decisiondevelopment.com

We have traditionally recruited Assistant Analysts from local college
campuses.  This job may be performed as part of an undergraduate
internship program.  College faculty members of this email list: please
feel free to forward this to any of your interested students.

Work is performed at our offices in Evanston, IL.  To inquire, reply to
this message with your resume and cover letter; or email
amra_applications using decisiondevelopment.com

Finally, as part of our ongoing networking and business development
strategy, we also seek to make contacts with other professionals who use
R in marketing research settings, particularly in the management of
qualitative data.  If you are such a user or are exploring the
capabilities of R in these settings, please introduce yourself to me.

Brian J. Koch
Data Manager
Decision Development Inc

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