[R-jobs] Looking for a casual contractor to write R functions and help integrate with Excel

Justin Neville-Rolfe jnev|||ero||e @end|ng |rom y@nkeegroup@com
Thu Sep 3 21:28:19 CEST 2009

We are a small consulting company that uses R to automate several data
extraction fuctions from SPSS files -- most notably we create powerpoint
slides from a script in Excel (using VBA) which calls R to extract data and
place into Excel using RExcel. We're not specialists, and don't really have
the time to understand R. Our CIO is the only person who even vaguely
understands R, and he does not have the time anymore to help us.

We'd be interested in creating a relationship with someone for occasional
(e.g., 1 day here and there; a couple of hours here and there) to help us
write functions in R. It's pretty low level stuff, and we're prepared to pay
cash in some sort just to get us through simple change requests that come
from our survey analysis team. We'd probably pay by the hour or job in small
increments using something like PayPal; though a formal contractor
arrangement could be put in place if required. Our core currencies are US$,
UK� and Euro.

Is there anyone who would like to know more? If so, please get in touch with
me via:

Justin Neville-Rolfe
Director, Product Development,
Yankee Group Research, Inc
jnevillerolfe using yankeegroup.com
US phone: +1-617-381-4313
UK phone: +44-20-8144-1467
UK cellphone: +44-7710-168632
Skype: jnevillerolfe [explain why you're getting in touch in the contact

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