[R-jobs] Statistical analyst position in Cambridge, MA

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Wed Aug 5 20:36:11 CEST 2009

Health Insight Technologies, a VC backed startup with offices in Cambridge,
MA is looking for a motivated Statistical Analyst who is
passionate about creating statistical analyses that will provide insight
into the quality, safety and efficiency of the health care system.
Requirements for the position include:

·2-5 years direct experience working with R

·Extensive experience with data manipulation techniques in R

·Extensive experience in using R for modeling, for example, using techniques
such as supervised and unsupervised predictive analytics, including
linear/logistic regression (including lasso and other shrinkage methods),
cluster analysis, longitudinal  data and time series, random forest and
decision trees, support vector machines, and survival analysis

·Extensive experience with standard visualization methods in R, especially
the lattice package

·Experience with GIS and network analysis a plus

·Interest in extending knowledge of R to new approaches and techniques:
intense interest in exploring new techniques will be a must for this

·Familiarity with methods of working with large data in R

·Working knowledge of SQL preferred

·Familiarity with the medical domain is a definite plus, a passionate
interest in working with health care data is a must

Education: BS/MS in Statistics/Biostatistics or an MPH with a strong
emphasis on statistical and/or machine learning methods, or equivalent

For a complete job description or to submit a cover letter/cv, please
respond to recruiting.analytics using nsight-health.com

Thank you for your interest.

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