[R-jobs] Pre-Sales, Consulting and Development Engineers at REvolution Computing

David M Smith d@v|d @end|ng |rom revo|ut|on-comput|ng@com
Wed Apr 1 23:38:59 CEST 2009

REvolution Computing is looking for enthusiastic and talented people
with a strong academic and industry track record in statistical
computing for technical sales, consulting and development roles. These
positions are based out of our growing New Haven, CT and Seattle, WA

If you have a data analysis background and have been using R for some
time, and also have a knack for demonstrating the benefits of
performing real-world statistical and data analysis in R to others,
you'd be a great addition to our pre-sales and consulting team.

For those of a more technical bent, we are also looking to expand our
roster of programmers in the development team. If you or (or someone
you know) would make a good senior software engineer or senior build
and release engineer for our REvolution R distribution, please
encourage them to apply.

More information and details on how to apply can be found at:

# David Smith

David M Smith <david using revolution-computing.com>
Director of Community, REvolution Computing www.revolution-computing.com
Tel: +1 (206) 577-4778 x3203 (San Francisco, USA)

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