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Wed Aug 6 01:35:19 CEST 2008

Quantitative Research Analyst 


Boxwood Means Inc., a quantitative research firm that specializes in 
real estate automated valuation modeling and evaluation, risk analysis, and 
debt/equity portfolio management, and market analysis is seeking a Quantitative Analyst.

The candidate will work closely with the firm's Principals to develop and maintain 
quantitative models to describe and forecast small commercial real estate markets,  
maintain large databases of real estate transactions and assessments, assist in 
creating new product lines that primarily serve mortgage lenders and large investors 
in debt and equity.  


* All work will be done remotely, but regular U.S. east coast office hours are required.  
* Ability to work independently, innovatively, and creatively is essential.
* Undergraduate or graduate degree in technical, finance, economics or similar fields.
* Some knowledge of financial markets and experience analyzing financial data.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the
ability to present ideas to groups.
* Strong knowledge of S-plus, R is required.
* Academic background and experience in statistics required.
* Knowledge of SQL language (MySQL) and some understanding of database design is desirable.
* Linux experience is highly desired.
* Some knowledge of Latex useful.


Michaell Taylor, PhD
Boxwood Means, Inc
Michaell.Taylor using boxwoodmeans.com

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