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Thu Jun 5 17:53:45 CEST 2008

Dear All,

We have just advertised a number of jobs which may be of interest. I've
pasted the text from the advert below; more details can be found on our
website at:


Positions in Applied Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

The Paterson Institute is a leading cancer centre of excellence core-funded
by Cancer Research UK and is an Institute of The University of Manchester.

We are seeking motivated scientists to join our team and develop new
techniques to explore the biological processes (such as microRNA expression
and alternative splicing) involved in the regulation and control of gene
expression, and to develop a better understanding of how these processes are
altered in cancer.

Computation Biologists
Two positions are available for postdoctoral researchers with experience
analysing high throughput genomic data and/or a detailed knowledge of genome
annotation and gene structure.

The ideal candidate will have a PhD in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
(or a related discipline), enjoy working alongside clinicians and biologists
on complex real-world datasets, and will have significant experience using
tools such as R/Bioconductor, Matlab, Perl Java and SQL.

Bioinformatics Programmer
We are seeking a software engineer to build novel databases and
Bioconductor/R software for the analysis of biological data. The successful
candidate will be an accomplished programmer with experience in SQL, C/C++
and Java. Experience using Perl, R, Matlab and/or BioConductor would be
advantageous. A masters degree in computer science (or a related
discipline), or proven experience in software development would convey a
significant advantage.

Best wishes,

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