[R-jobs] Research assistant at University Bremen, Germany: Timeseries Analysis with R

Karsten Wolf wo|| @end|ng |rom un|-bremen@de
Wed May 14 21:26:13 CEST 2008

Hi there,
we are looking for a research assistant for a project on analysing  
timeseries in the field of educational research.

We have timeseries of the subjective perception (I understand, I feel  
good, I am interested etc.) of 109 students (6 different courses, 26  
to 72 hours of classroom teaching, 208 to 332 points of measurement).
We want to do exemplary analysis of the interaction between  
motivational factors and situational interest. For this we want to use  
newer methods such as GARCH, latent curve analysis and co-integration  
in comparison with classical TSA.

We are looking for candidates with a good experience in using R for  
TSA who are willing to work in Bremen, Germany.

Compensation is 50% TVL13. Candidates are expected to work on a  
dissertation and do some teaching duties (2 hours per week,  
quantitative methods).

If you are interested, just drop us some lines with your background  
and some links to your work so far.


New phone number 0421 - 218 - 69140

Karsten D. Wolf
Prof. Dr. phil. (W1)

Didactical Design of Interactive
Learning Environments

Universität Bremen - Fachbereich 12
Postfach 33 04 40

D-28334 Bremen

fon: 0421 - 218 69140
fax: 0421 - 218 7219
skype: karsten.d.wolf
web: http://www.ifeb.uni-bremen.de/wolf/ (should be online again next  
week - mainboard!)
blog: http://blog.didactalab.de/
mail: wolf using uni-bremen.de

Raum: A2130, GW2
Sprechstunde: Mittwoch, 14 - 15 Uhr

Frau von Palubicki
Raum A2050, GW2
fon: 0421 -  218 9643

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