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Mon Feb 12 16:00:51 CET 2007


The following job advert was already incorrectly sent to r-help
so I am reposting here.

We are looking for a skilled statistician/programmer 
seeking a career at the intersection of 
finance, applied statistics and computer science. 
This position requires a person with a strong background in 
- data analysis, 
- design and implementation of algorithms, 
- software development
- statistical methodology.

The primary responsibilities are to develop software, 
using the R language, for:
- Handling/analysing high-frequency, real-time, streaming, financial
- Interfacing R/S-Plus to other languages, especially Java.
- Applying high-dimensional regression/machine learning applications.
- Assisting in the prototyping and testing of trading algorithms. 

For more details please go to
click on 'Search our global job board',
click on 'Search openings',
scroll down to 'keyword' and type the job reference '19257BR' 
and click the search button 
(sorry but there isn't a more direct link on this site).

Alternatively, the job is also advertised at



John Gavin <john.gavin using ubs.com>,
Commodities, FIRC,
UBS Investment Bank, 2nd floor, 
100 Liverpool St., London EC2M 2RH, UK.
Phone +44 (0) 207 567 4289
This communication is issued by UBS AG and/or affiliates to\...{{dropped}}

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