[R-sig-hpc] R, Nomad, HTCondor, etc... and future

David Bellot d@v|d@be||ot @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri May 22 04:44:24 CEST 2020

> I don't see in the above how your 'one-shot job' is different from your
> colleagues need to send spot requests.

You're right I didn't explain correclty. On one hand, I have experiments to
Think about 'foreach %dopar%' loops and things like that. When it's done, I
look at the result, and the work is done. My program has run and I don't it
need anymore.
On the other hand, they have many small services they want to keep waiting
24/7 and run when called, I mean on-demand. They don't need to be heavy on
CPU, except for the few seconds, maybe when the services are called. In my
use case, I don't need a service to stay up 24/7, but I use the CPU very

And describing it like this now, I simply realized that solving these two
different problems with one single solution seems a bit ... huh... silly :-)

I found slurm reasonable in the past, and it has only gotten more widely
> used
> / available sense.  It will provide you with access to the compute
> resource,
> will account for 'who does what' and can schedule / resource (which I never
> really needed, and sounds like you don't either). Plus it will give you
> easy
> view on what is currently up or down, available etc pp.
> The devil is as always in the details. I'd say experiment and a little and
> take it from there.

I'll give Slurm a try then. You're not the first one to say it's a good
Thanks Dirk.

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