[R-sig-hpc] Choosing Intel MKL BLAS when compiling R

Jonathan Greenberg jgrn at illinois.edu
Tue Nov 1 22:36:50 CET 2011


I am compiling R 2.14 from scratch on a cluster computer (I can't use
any package managers for the install, unfortunately), and they have
the Intel MKL libraries available for BLAS/LAPACK.  I have not
successfully gotten a configure/make/make install combo yet that uses
multiple CPUs to do, say:

a = matrix(rnorm(5000*5000), 5000, 5000)
b = matrix(rnorm(5000*5000), 5000, 5000)
# This following line, minimally, should be getting distributed.
c = a%*%b

First off, I've tried compiling it with the configure flags:
./configure --prefix=/myprefix/ --enable-BLAS-shlib

How do I then select the Intel MKL libraries to be used as the BLAS?
They are located in /usr/local/intel-11.1/mkl/lib/em64t



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