[R-sig-hpc] Using CRAN packages with RHIPE in user-provided Map and Reduce functions

Murray Stokely murray at stokely.org
Sat Aug 13 03:02:19 CEST 2011

Quick question for any RHIPE (The R Hadoop-based MapReduce package) users here :

How does RHIPE allow the use of arbitrary libraries / code from CRAN
in the provided Map and Reduce functions when running on e.g. EC2?
After 20 minutes of searching every example I see is a lapply type
operation done simply with base R commands.  How do packages from the
calling environment get made available to the workers?

Also, where does the most up to date documentation live?  Unusually,
the google search results for rhipe are filled with broken links to
the old location from purdue.edu.

             - Murray

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