[R-sig-hpc] care to send me some big working example R onmultiprocessor systems

Melwin win at comets.de
Fri Mar 5 08:55:36 CET 2010

Hi Deb,
I was NOT trying to suggest that you mandatorily need DeinoMPI. However,
afaik either MPICHII *OR* DeinoMPI is required for Rmpi under Windows.
Please note that there are two versions of the Rmpi package, depending on
if you use MPICHII or DeinoMPI. Although the aim is parallel computing, I
doubt that it is a good idea to run these two in parallel ;-)
Anyway, you should follow Hao's advice and first make sure Rmpi is working
properly on its own. Please try some of the simple Rmpi examples to see if
they work and let me know the result.


PS: As for the configuration of DeinoMPI, I have to admit that I never got
a true multi-machine Rmpi session working. Although I could include remote
machines in DeinoMPI, in R Rmpi-slaves were exclusively spawned locally. I
didn't try MPICHII at all, but resorted to Ubuntu-Linux, where everything
went much smoother.

Am 05.03.2010, 01:22 Uhr, schrieb Debabrata Midya
<Debabrata.Midya at services.nsw.gov.au>:

> Melwin,
> Thanks for your reply. I need you assistance to run ppso using DeinoMPI  
> as well.
> As per your advice, I will start using optim_ppso_robust.
> 1. Which Windows MPI-variant do you use (MPICHII or DeinoMPI)?
> I have installed Windows MPICH2 and provided the path \MPICH2\bin\ in  
> the path variable and it works well on R-2.10.1.
> 2. DeinoMPI
> I am unable to run the same code as in (1) using DeinoMPI.
> I have installed DeinoMPI.2.0.1.msi and I have tried to set the  
> followings. I feel I have not done correctly. Do you have any advice on  
> it? The systems hangs.
> a. Click "enable create store options"
> b. Click "Create Credential Store"
> c. In "Add Credential", add your account and password
> Once again thank you very much for the time you have given.
> Regards,
> Deb
>>>> Melwin <win at comets.de> 4/03/2010 7:35 pm >>>
> Hi Deb,
> PPSO in parallel mode should also run on a single processor, although you
> won't gain anything from that beyond just testing (in fact, I will be
> slower due to the overhead involved, unless your objective function takes
> long to evaluate without computational burden, e.g. due to extensive file
> i/o).
> Which Windows MPI-variant do you use (MPICHII or DeinoMPI)? I tested your
> code snippet successfully on Windows 2000/DeinoMPI/R-2.10.0. In any case,
> I recommend using optim_ppso_robust, which is more elaborated by now.
> Please let me know if you experience further problems.
> cheers,
> Melwin
> Am 04.03.2010, 00:50 Uhr, schrieb Debabrata Midya
> <Debabrata.Midya at services.nsw.gov.au>:

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