[R-sig-hpc] snow clusters on Windows

Noah Charney noah at bio.umass.edu
Mon Jan 18 20:58:42 CET 2010

R-HPC list members,

I am wondering if anyone could help us with the setup for snow clusters on
windows machines.  Is there something specific we need to do to set up SSH
so that R can access it in the absence of linux?  We are working on
Windows Server 2003, and on Vista, the problem is the same on both.  We
can create local clusters using the name "localhost" on any computer, but
no other name/IP address we substitute for "localhost" works.  Example
code is below.

#This works fine
> cl<-makeCluster('localhost',type='SOCK')
> cl
    description           class            mode            text         
"<-Poopy:10187"      "sockconn"           "a+b"        "binary"       
       can read       can write
          "yes"           "yes"
[1] "localhost"
[1] "SOCKnode"
[1] "SOCKcluster" "cluster"

> stopCluster(cl)

#But if we try to call the home computer by name or IP address, or
anything else, it doesn't work...
> cl<-makeCluster('',type='SOCK')

#It just hangs there until we hit 'escape', at which point it says:
Warning message:
In system(cmd, wait = FALSE, input = "") : ssh not found

-Noah Charney
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
University of Massachusetts Amherst
221 Morrill Science Center South
Amherst, MA 01003-9297

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