[R-sig-hpc] mixing MP with MPI in R?

Brian G. Peterson brian at braverock.com
Mon Jan 4 20:58:13 CET 2010

Mark Kimpel wrote:
> I recently ran into a problem that was easier to solve using mutilcore
> compared with Rmpi because I had a large matrix that I was performing
> calculations on and it copying it for each process ate up my 12GB of memory.
> I now have access to 2 Linux machine, each a core i7 with 12GB of memory,
> and wonder how I might speed things up even faster by using some sort of
> combination of multicore and Rmpi/snow.
> I'm a novice at this, so perhaps the answer is obvious, but is it possible
> to spawn to multiple machines with non-shared memory but within each machine
> used shared memory? If my novice understanding is correct, the former uses
> openMPI and the latter openMP.
> If this is possible, a self-contained example would be appreciated, even if
> the calculations are so trivial as to not make the parallelization
> worthwhile in the example case


This should work fine with doMPI/doSnow and doMC


   - Brian

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