[R-sig-hpc] difficulty spawning Rslaves

Allan Strand stranda at cofc.edu
Wed Dec 23 22:05:27 CET 2009

Hi All,

My setup is on a cluster running 64bit FC.  I have recently broken my 
install Rmpi (and hence snow) by upgrading some very old versions of R, 
lam/mpi, Rmpi, and snow (currently installed versions listed at the 
bottom of this email).  No doubt this is a problem with my Rmpi install, 
but I'm having trouble seeing it.

I cannot seem to spawn more than a single slave (which is spawned on the 
master node)

 > mpi.spawn.Rslaves(comm=1,nslaves=1)
     1 slaves are spawned successfully. 0 failed.
master (rank 0, comm 1) of size 2 is running on: node0
slave1 (rank 1, comm 1) of size 2 is running on: node0

 > mpi.comm.free(comm=1)
[1] 1

 > mpi.spawn.Rslaves(comm=1,nslaves=2)
     2 slaves are spawned successfully. 0 failed.
Error in mpi.intercomm.merge(intercomm, 0, comm) :
   MPI_Error_string: process in local group is dead

No doubt the answer is contained in the MPI_Error string, but I'm not 
sure how to interpret it.

Versions (all installed locally in my account with directory appropriate 
./configure settings)

R 2.10.1
LAM 7.1.4/MPI 2 C++/ROMIO - Indiana University
Rmpi 0.5-7

Allan Strand,   Biology    http://linum.cofc.edu
College of Charleston

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