[R-gui] general design questions

Antje niederlein-rstat at yahoo.de
Mon Aug 18 15:56:37 CEST 2008


I try to develop a GUI with gWidgets (TclTk) but I guess my little application 
already starts to be messy...

First question: How shall I handle updates of widgets triggered by event 
handling? So far, I simply took the widget-object I want to update as a global 
variable but that's not a good style. Any suggestions how to handle this?

Second question: What are my possibilities to stay flexible? For example: I 
though it makes sense to use a gpanedgroup for a checkboxgroup with variable 
number of items (to make it scrollable if it's getting too large). But this 
does not work like I thought and the items simply disappear at the end of the 

Third question: How to structure the GUI? Builing, Sizing, Arraging, filling 
with content (not every object has some initial content). For example, I 
realized that I have to set the svalue for the gpanedgroup after adding the 

I don't know, but I have the impression to create my GUI quite unstructured and 
I'm afraid to loose overview soon...

The small examples for the usage of different components are very useful but 
I'm looking for some hints on how to create a more complex application (what to 
do when and how).

Thanks a lot for every tip!


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