[R-gui] gtree question

john verzani jverzani at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 21:32:23 CEST 2008

Antje <niederlein-rstat <at> yahoo.de> writes:

Dear Antje,

> Hello there,
> now that I started with gwidgets, I'll have several question (
> I hope not  too 
> stupid ones).
> I've started with a little application which uses a gpanedgroup 
> to show a gtree 
> at the left side and something else on the other side.
> Gtree works fine except the fact that it produces 3 columns 
> though my offspring 
> function returns a data.frame with 1 column only (two columns 
> then remain 
> without content).
> Is there any way to delete these columns?

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I fixed it in a just-uploaded 
version of gWidgetstcltk and I also found an issue with 
gWidgetsRGtk2 with your example. Again, this is just fixed.

The bug was the number of extra columns was set by the number of 
words in your column title. In the new version, there is just one
extra column and it has a small width.

> And another question:
> If I expand my folders in the gtree and go deeper into the file 
> structure,  it 
> happens that the filenames are not displayed fully anymore because 
> of too less 
> space. Can I make the gtree automatically horizontal scrollable 
> (it can be 
> scrolled if I push the columns to a certain width).

I don't have that coded in but can look into it.

> Thanks a lot for any help!
> Antje

Thanks for the report. --JOhn

--code is cut --

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