[R-gui] RGtk2 2.8.1 released

Michael Lawrence lawremi at iastate.edu
Tue Feb 28 14:35:06 CET 2006

There is a new version of RGtk2 (version 2.8.1). This is an incremental, 
mostly bug fix release.


    * RGtkDataFrame (GtkTreeModel backed by an R data frame) is now more
      stable and supports sorting.
    * Fixed bug with grouping of radio widgets.
    * GtkMozEmbed has been removed since it was Linux-specific and was
      not very stable nor very useful for R related tasks.
    * Imported the demo images into the package, so that all platforms
      can enjoy the demos with images.

It is available at the RGtk2 website: http://www.ggobi.org/rgtk2

I also plan on releasing a Windows build of the Cairo graphics device soon.

Thank you,
Michael Lawrence

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