[R-gui] R-SIG-GUI Digest, Vol 31, Issue 4

Jose Claudio Faria joseclaudio.faria at terra.com.br
Mon Oct 17 01:07:19 CEST 2005

Philippe Grosjean wrote:
> Hello James, Duncan and the others,

> ...

I agree with all yours opinions!

> I am not much interested by endless discussions and considerations. I 
> would rather like to feel a serious willingness in starting a 
> collaborative work between all people that will read this email... and I 
> am waiting for real actions going in this direction. As I said, I will 
> have a couple of contracts in 2006-2007 where the development of a R GUI 
> is part of the job, leaving me the opportunity to hire one or two 
> developers on it. Whether these developers will continue the work on the 
> current Windows-only SciViews-R, or on a more general project will 
> largely depend on the echo I got in the R GUI developers sphere, 
> regarding my suggestion of a reusable R GUI API and a polymorphic and 
> full features R GUI as sketched in the two document cited hereabove.
> Best regards,
> Philippe Grosjean

I'm thinking that all efforts (and resources) must be applied to make a nice R 
GUI API: as you started with svGUI, svIDE, svSocket and more.

Firstly, it is necessary to make a solid and good foundation: and the more 
important is one fast and stable communication mechanism between the R ambient 
and others, under all OS.

In my opinion Rcmdr, JGR, Rpad, SciViews-R, Tinn-R and others (all incomplete as 
a full R GUI) already pointed good directions, and all are working, isn't it. 
So, now, from the solid foundation (R GUI API), we could to initiate (or 
concentrate the efforts and resources) in a good project that join what can be 
congregated. For this, I believe, java must be considered.

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