[R-gui] OpenOffice.org and R

Daniele Medri daniele.medri at libero.it
Thu Feb 24 16:33:34 CET 2005

Alle 14:59, giovedì 24 febbraio 2005, Philippe Grosjean ha scritto:
> For the rest, one thing I know: I *hate* the look-and-feel of Gtk under
> Windows.

On tcltk:
eheh, my relative happiness on tcltk grew-up if someone talk about Motif as 
solution for a R gui in any existing/supported platform! :))

wxWidgets is a good toolkit now, but Gtk is an investment for the future. I am 
thinking about Novell support (previous mail) and the way to Mono/.Net. Gtk 
binding to Java is also a good feature for gui development, compiled as 
native or class with gcc recently capabilities.

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