[R-gui] R2.1.1, tkWidgets, and DynDoc

James Wettenhall wettenhall at wehi.EDU.AU
Wed Aug 31 11:34:02 CEST 2005


You need to make sure that you have an up-to-date version of DynDoc (from
Bioconductor) installed (and that it has been installed correctly, not
just manually unzipped from somewhere).

>> library(DynDoc) has message
>> Error in library(DynDoc) : 'DynDoc' is not a valid package -- installed
>> < 2.0.0?  I didn't find a contributor package DynDoc.

Basically, Bioconductor (which includes the tkWidgets and DynDoc R
packages) has a stable release every 6 months, shortly after each major
release of R.  So for example, after R 2.1.0, Bioconductor 1.6 was

Go to
and click on "Release 1.6 Packages"
which gives:

You should find versions of the Bioconductor packages you need e.g. DynDoc
here which have been built for R 2.1.x
If you want to use an older version of one of these R packages, you would
need to build it yourself from the source package (.tar.gz), but using an
up-to-date version is more reliable.

It's probably worth installing the reposTools package from Bioconductor,
then if you like, you can use the install.packages2() function to install
Bioconductor packages, e.g.


[ I just tried it and it seems rather slow at the moment - I don't know
why, but it generally does work!]

Or if you prefer, just download the binary package from Bioconductor, then
use install package from local zip file from the pull-down menu in R.


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