AW: [R-gui] Getting started on R GUIs

TB thomas.baier at
Thu Dec 18 08:52:50 MET 2003


Anthony Berno <mailto:Anthony_Berno at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm working on a Microsoft .NET application in which is, in part, an R
> front end. But I'm having a bit of difficulty getting started. I
> spent a bit of time writing a package that communicates with the R
> executable using text, but that was a disaster. Information about
> other methods has been a little hard to come by.
> I've used the R DCOM interface, and looked at the source code, but
> it's a little obscure, and I"m having a hard time figuring out how it
> works at all. I've successfully written a VB test app that uses this
> server, but I'd rather not do all the .NET -> DCOM interoperability
> stuff if there is a more direct, and possibly higher-performance
> route to accessing R functionality.

I'm not quite sure what's so obscure about the source code of the DCOM
server, but maybe it's the fact, that there it uses some abstraction layer
from R to provide a more generic interface.

One component of the DCOM server is a proxy DLL which is installed with R
and provides interfaces required for the COM server to access R. If you feel
you don't want to use the COM server because of performance issues you can
directly use the proxy DLL instead. This DLL should be enough to use.

I'm not sure what the performance issues you are addressing are. Could you
please clarify.


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