[R-gui] key-binding

"Unternährer Thomas, uth" uth at zhwin.ch
Tue Dec 9 19:35:05 MET 2003

I studied the examples written by James Wettenhall and find the example "Pull-Down Menus and Popup Menus".
In this example James uses the following:
> copyText <- function() .Tcl(paste("event","generate",.Tcl.args(.Tk.ID(txt),"<<Copy>>")))

This calls a tcl-function an gives it the arguments .Tcl.args.
What I want is not to call a tcl-function, I want to call a R-function.
For those, who know emacs:
I want to set the key <F10> to call a eval-region function.
The Rcmdr-Packege by John Fox has exactly the feature I'm looking for. After pressing the button "submit", only the region the user selected would be evaluated. 
Can anybody give me a hint?
thanks a lot 

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