[R-sig-Geo] About dnearneight and nb2listw function

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Thu Oct 31 21:52:00 CET 2019

In my Ph.D. I am comparing Lee and Anselin's methodology for estimating bivariate spatial autocorrelation. Lee's methodology led me to the spdep package. My questions are as follows:

1) The weight matrix W, which is part of the  "nb2listw" function. First, is it possible to view all elements of this matrix? Because I could only visualize the elements whose autocorrelation is not null. That would be enough, but I need to present this matrix and visualize the autocorrelation between all points. That is, knowing what are the coordinates of the points where the autocorrelation is nonzero and also where it is null.

2) In the "dnearneight" function, is it possible to view the matrix of neighbors? Because getting this matrix, would be able to standardize and get the matrix of weights W without using the nb2list function.


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