[R-sig-Geo] rgdal install problems in a module environment

Anderson, Richard O - (ric) r|c @end|ng |rom em@||@@r|zon@@edu
Fri Oct 25 17:59:35 CEST 2019

When various applications are split into modules (RHEL/CentOS environment-modules package), such that
  module load R proj gdal
is needed to make those applications and their pkg-config files available, the R
fails because it assumes proj and gdal are in the same place, and omits the -L… link option for proj’s library path.

An easy workaround until this is fixed is
  export proj_lib_path=`pkg-config proj --libs | awk '{print $1}'`
before you start R, then “install.packages(‘rgdal’)” works as expected.

The author of the package is working on a real fix, so this workaround may not be needed for long.

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