[R-sig-Geo] dissolve internal borders of polygons using st_union and group_by

Michael Sumner md@umner @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Oct 17 18:03:10 CEST 2019

Cool, thanks for clarifying 👍

On Fri., 18 Oct. 2019, 02:48 Marta Rufino, <marta.m.rufino using gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you very much to all :)
> Barry+Roger contributions sorted the problem for the moment, although in
> my mind there are still things to be understood.
> Mike, yep, thank you for alerting me of rnaturalearth issues- I was not
> aware of it. In this case, I am really interested in the process to
> apply in other polygons, not in the data *per se*, but will take this
> into account in the future.
> Once I have the doc produced (distribution of world
> estuaries/bays/transition waters), I will post on the list :)
> Best wishes,
> M.

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