[R-sig-Geo] CSV with Geometry Column to SF object

Alex Mandel tech_dev @end|ng |rom w||d|nte||ect@com
Tue Oct 15 19:11:24 CEST 2019

On 10/15/19 8:43 AM, argunaw . wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have a csv file with a postgis "geometry" column. I've been trying to
> import it in to R as a SF file, with the goal of exporting it to a postgis
> database, but to no avail. I've used the following methods:
> 1. file <- st_read("name.csv", stringsAsFactors=F, geometry_column=geom)
> 2. file <- fread("name.csv", headers=True)
>     file <- st_as_sf(file)
> How can I import a csv with a postgis "geometry" column in to R as a
> spatial/SF object?
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Can you paste an example somewhere, is it binary data or some kind of
plain text column? Do you know how it was exported from Postgis?

If it's a dump from a postgis database did you try loading the table
directly to postgis with it's own load/import, or sql tools?


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