[R-sig-Geo] WorldClim Version2

Andy Bunn Andy.Bunn at wwu.edu
Mon Sep 25 23:14:53 CEST 2017

Great. Thanks Marcelino. I have all the data dowloaded. I'm surprised that
there isn't a dedicated package for worldclim yet ‹ making one that ties
in with packages like BIEN would be great. Perhaps I'll work on it someday.


On 9/25/17, 11:32 AM, "Marcelino de la Cruz Rot"
<marcelino.delacruz at urjc.es> wrote:

>Hello Andy,
>I've been using raster to play with WordlClim 2.0 and it works fine. For
># Download 2.5' arc P data of worldclim 2.0
># The file is 68.5 MB so it takes some time to download
>download.file(P_url, destfile="wc2.0_2.5m_prec.zip")
>#  Generate a stack object  with all monthly precipitation layers
>P_filenames<- paste("wc2.0_2.5m_prec_", c(paste(0,1:9, sep=""), 11,12),
>prec2.5<- stack(P_filenames)
># Compute annual precipitation as a raster layer
>P2.5<- sum(prec2.5)
># etc.
>El 25/09/2017 a las 19:42, Andy Bunn escribió:
>> Hello all, is anybody aware of a R package that gracefully works with
>> version 2 of the WorldClim data?
>> http://worldclim.org/version2
>> I have all the data extracted locally but I'm wondering if there is
>> something akin to getData in raster that will work with version 2 and
>> 1.4 as (the brilliant) raster package currently does.
>> Many thanks, Andy
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