[R-sig-Geo] Square vs. honeycomb raster grids

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Fri Sep 1 09:53:14 CEST 2017

On Fri, 1 Sep 2017, Bacou, Melanie wrote:

> I am wondering if current R raster operations (e.g. `extract()`,
> `resample()`, distance(), etc.) can be modified to work with honeycomb
> (hexagonal) grids instead of simple square grids? This is driven by e.g.
> work at Uberhttps://www.slideshare.net/stonse/ml-and-data-science-at-uber-gitpro-talk-2
> 017, and other articles http://strimas.com/spatial/hexagonal-grids/.
> I'm being asked to evaluate the pros/cons of using different tessellations,
> and wondering what's the extent of R's support for non square grids.

Please also consider taking this up with:


where it is very relevant. See also the dggridR package:


Please report back on this - it deserves to be advanced actively.


> Many thanks, --Mel.

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