[R-sig-Geo] spatial distance in sum metric spatiotemporal variogram

sara osama sarosama at feps.edu.eg
Wed Oct 18 09:33:12 CEST 2017

Dear All,
I have fitted the attached sum-metric variogram using the following command:
varpm10 <-

and the distance in the figure are in decimals. I want to know how this
distances are calculated and what is the unit of measurement used. this is
the coordinates of the first 5 observations my data

> coords
     longitude latitude
1     30.92500 29.95300
61    31.36000 30.26000
121   31.33300 29.84720
181   31.29800 29.90500
241   31.20416 30.04278
301   31.32000 30.06000
361   31.23900 30.09470

by the way the data consists of only 26 stations where the max distance is
about 200 km.

Any help will be highly appreciated

Best regards

Best Regards

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Cairo University
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