[R-sig-Geo] A new R package - spm: Spatial Predictive Modelling, is now available on the CRAN [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Li Jin Jin.Li at ga.gov.au
Mon Aug 28 06:32:57 CEST 2017

Hi All,

Just thought you might be interested in a recently released R package, spm: Spatial Predictive Modelling. 

It aims to introduce some novel, accurate, hybrid geostatistical and machine learning methods for spatial predictive modelling. It currently contains two commonly used geostatistical methods, two machine learning methods, four hybrid methods and two averaging methods.

For each method, two functions are provided. One function is for assessing the predictive errors and accuracy of the method based on cross-validation. The other one is for generating spatial predictions using the method. They all use data.frame as input data. Moreover, two functions are provided for accuracy assessment. These functions attempt to simplify and streamline the model evaluation and model application processes, which may assist users to apply these methods to their data to improve modelling efficiency as well as predictive accuracy.

It can be downloaded from CRAN now.  

Any feedback and comments are much appreciated! 

Kind regards,

Jin Li, PhD | Spatial Modeller / Computational Statistician
National Earth and Marine Observations | Environmental Geoscience Division 
t:  +61 2 6249 9899    www.ga.gov.au

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