[R-sig-Geo] adapting spatial points and wrld_smpl to a reference system implicit in a .nc file

Agus Camacho agus.camacho at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 18:50:53 CET 2016

Dear all,

Im trying to overlap these points:

and a wrld_simpl object:

Over this raster layer

This rastr comes from a .nc file without a reference system. The author of
that .nc file gave me the following data about the .nc.

The projection is *Lambert conformal conic* projection
CEN_LAT = 38.0
CEN_LON = -100.0
TRUELAT1 = 25.
TRUELAT2 = 45.

However, despite i have gone through many sites in the internet, i cant
figure it out:

a) if that is all the data i need to set a reference system for my points
and the wrld_simp object.

b) how to change a typical CRS object with such data

Ex.CRS ("+proj=lcc+lat_0=38.0+lon0_2=-100+ellps=WGS84")

Where do i enter the TRUELAT and CENLAT values?
Are there any site that explains easily what the fields in the CRS mean and
how to change them?

Thanks in advance.
Agustín Camacho Guerrero.
Doutor em Zoologia.
Laboratório de Herpetologia, Departamento de Zoologia, Instituto de
Biociências, USP.
Rua do Matão, trav. 14, nº 321, Cidade Universitária,
São Paulo - SP, CEP: 05508-090, Brasil.

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