[R-sig-Geo] Drawing the maximum-area rectangle in a non-convex polygon

Tiernan Martin tiernanmartin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 21:42:22 CEST 2016

Does anyone know if there is an R package out there with an algorithm which
finds the maximum-area rectangle that can fit within a non-convex polygon?
I have Googled, searched the R Sig Geo archives, and created a post on the
GIS Stackexchange to no avail.

Here is an example of the type of output I am looking for:

As you can probably infer from the image, the algorithm searches for the
rectangle with the largest area that will fit within the boundary of the
non-convex polygon. My project will be applying this analysis to a set of
parcels (aka plots, plats, or cadastres) in order to estimate the footprint
of a largest rectangular building that could be built on each parcel. The
image linked above comes from the following post which showcases the type
of algorithm that would be useful for my project:

Is there an existing R package that I could use to conduct such an analysis
of several non-convex polygon? Or perhaps a set of functions from a
combination of packages?

Thank you in advance,


PS – here's a link to my (very similarly worded) SO post:

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