[R-sig-Geo] Setting order of levels of factor using sciplot_bargraph.CI

moses selebatso selebatsom at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 6 00:43:02 CEST 2016

I am trying to plot bargraph using bargraph.CI  but it used default order (alphabetical order). However,  I would to display in the re-ordered levels. I managed to re-order, but I cannot get the new order on the graph display! See my scripts below and please help.
> h<-read.csv("clipboard",sep="\t")
> attach(h)
> order <- factor(order, levels = c("Wet", "Cold Early-Dry", "Hot Late-Dry"), ordered = TRUE)
> order
[1] Wet            Cold Early-Dry Hot Late-Dry  
Levels: Wet Cold Early-Dry Hot Late-Dry
> bargraph.CI(Season, Grass.Height, group = Habitat, data = h, xlab = "Season", ylab = "Grass Height (cm)", cex.lab = 1.5, x.leg = 1.5,col = "black", angle = 45, cex.names = 1, density = c(0,20), legend = TRUE)

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