[R-sig-Geo] Levelplot (raster) and xyplot (SpatialPoints) together with both legends in a single plot

Navinder Singh Navinder.Singh at slu.se
Wed Sep 30 01:24:51 CEST 2015

Hi List,
I am trying to overlay a xyplot of spatialpoints on top of a level plot of a raster stack.
My code looks like :
>p<-levelplot(allYrStack.diff,layout=c(6,2),main="Differences", par.settings=RdBuTheme)
# allYrStack.diff is a raster stack
>striptext = factor(inds.mig$month, levels = unique(inds.mig$month))
>p+xyplot(y~x|striptext,groups=COUNTRY, type="o",data = inds.mig, pch = 20, size=0.2, colour = inds.mig$id,alpha=0.5)

# y=y coordinate, x=xcoordinate, etc..Country is a fatcor variable which can have 10 levels. so is the id variable.
I now intend to have both the legends on the plot (one for the continuous values from the raster and another for colour coded variable country with a line and a dot in the middle), but i am unable to add the legend of data plotted in the xyplot on the main plot. I understand that to get the legend of xyplot also, i should probably create an empty space first, and then add both the level plot and xyplot and their legends, so that i have space for both.
However, my skills are failing me this time.
Any suggestions are most helpful.
Thanks and best wishes,

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