[R-sig-Geo] cellular automata and Markov chains in raster images

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Hi Richard,Thank you very much for the contribution, I will try,, have had experience with IDRISI, but wanted to implement what they have done in R or free software.
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Hi Daner,We've recently been working on implementing a cellular automata model in R for projecting land use and land cover change. It's not the same as the IDRISI implementation and it doesn't use Markov chains. Rather, it's based on White and Engelen's (1993) classic CA model which I think does a better job than IDRISI (the commercial implementation of this is known as Metronamica). The single land use category version of our model we called SIMLANDER, the new version which works for multiple land uses (much more useful) is called APoLUS. You can find both, as well as some documentation at the website:SIMLANDERIf it is useful in any way, we'd be very keen to have your feedback.Best,Richard
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Hello, anyone has used a model of cellular automata and Markov chains in raster images using R, for projecting land cover, similar to the one implemented in IDRISI with the module (CA-Markov)?, If so them appreciate that packages use and functions.Thank you.                           
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