[R-sig-Geo] [Help] Error in spChFIDs(SP, x) : lengths differ

Ignacio Martinez ignacio82 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 15:29:14 CEST 2015

I'm trying to create a map using leaflet. I'm basically following this
<https://github.com/rstudio/leaflet/issues/169>but my data is a bit
different this time around. Additionally, I'm using dplyr instead of

This is the code i'm trying to run:

    counts <-
          STUSPS = c(
            "CA", "NC", "TX", "FL", "VA", "OH",
            "NY", "GA", "IL", "WA", "CO", "AZ", "MD", "LA", "SC", "KS",
            "TN", "MA", "MI", "MN", "NJ", "WI", "PA", "AL", "KY", "OK",
            "ID", "MS", "NM", "IN", "NV", "AR", "OR", "AK", "UT", "IA",
            "HI", "NE", "CT", "WV", "WY", "SD", "VT", "ND", "ME", "RI",
            "DE", "PR", "GU", "VI", "MP", "AS"
          ), count = c(
            36511L, 27513L,
            25861L, 21099L, 19415L, 17012L, 15860L, 14362L, 13923L, 13753L,
            11671L, 10540L, 9777L, 8923L, 8355L, 8219L, 8142L, 8076L, 7985L,
            7770L, 7662L, 7531L, 7273L, 7212L, 7042L, 6708L, 6674L, 6429L,
            6239L, 5580L, 5395L, 5172L, 5013L, 4933L, 4911L, 4797L, 4694L,
            4458L, 3873L, 3757L, 3608L, 3111L, 2604L, 2217L, 2156L, 2143L,
            2030L, 1544L, 1417L, 1168L, 772L, 531L, 148L, 63L, 7L, 2L
        ), .Names = c("STUSPS",
                      "count"), class = c("tbl_df", "tbl", "data.frame"),
row.names = c(NA,-56L)

    x = c("leaflet", "rgdal", "maptools", "mapproj", "rgeos", "dplyr")
    lapply(x, library, character.only = TRUE)
    # From https://www.census.gov/geo/maps-data/data/cbf/cbf_state.html
    states  <- readOGR(dsn = "./cb_2014_us_state_5m.shp",
                       layer = "cb_2014_us_state_5m", verbose = FALSE)
    # Make a copy of the SPDF attribute table, and then work normally, as
with any data.frame/data.table object
    states.df <- states at data
    # Create an explicit attribute to keep polygons IDs (useful to
"re-attach" the table to the polygons later)
    states.df <- states.df %>% mutate(rn=row.names(states))

    # join them
    states.df <- full_join(x = states.df, y = counts, by="STUSPS") %>%
      filter(!(STUSPS%in%c("PR", "na", "MH", "FM", "PW"))) %>% na.omit() %>%
                          '<b>count:</b> ',

    # Re-attach the attribute table to the SPDF
    states at data <- states.df
    # Make sure polygons IDs and data.frame row.names match
    states <- spChFIDs(states, states$rn)

    # Create map as usual...

The error I get is:

Error in spChFIDs(SP, x) : lengths differ

Thanks for the help!


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